Each member design a research protocol each year. The research protocol must address a gap in the national research agenda for paediatric dentistry and must be such that will impact on the quality of child dental health care. Reseach protocols will be presented during the November meeting for input and approval by the working group. The working group supports the direct expenses related to the conduct of the research. Only researches with ethical approval will be sponsored.

School projects

Member adopt schools and facilitate oral health education and service access for the school pupils. The dentists ensures yearly oral health examinations for the children. This data will be made continuously available to the working group database. The services to the school must be voluntary. Members should have time to implement special school projects designed and developed by the working group in their adopted school. Routine Oral Health Awareness Programs will be integrated into these school projects.

Grant for post graduate research

The working group provides research grants for any children related postgraduate researches conducted in Nigeria. The interested candidates will send their proposals for review and input by the working group. 75% of the grant will be paid to recipient once there is evidence of receiving ethical clearance for the study. The 25% balance will be paid on publication of manuscript in an international peer review journal. Accepted proposals will address topics of national interest as defined by the working group.

Undergraduate students prizes

The working group places paramount interest in the undergraduate trainings in paediatric dental care. A prize is awarded to any students who performs outstandingly in paediatric dentistry in the final year examination in all the dental schools. In addition, a yearly competition will be organised for medical students in a way that promotes understanding of oral health issues in children.